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Structured driving lessons to suit your pace and ability

Simon Smith is a Diamond Advanced Motorist having passed the Diamond Special Test, this recognises an excellent standard of driving which is passed on to all pupils in his driving lessions.

Simon Smith Driving School provides a structured learning programme designed to develop safe and eco-friendly driving habits for life using the latest innovations and current thinking in driver training. The programme follows the DVSA syllabus starting with car control.

As confidence develops we cover all the skills required for safe driving and learn how to deal with various situations and driving conditions that might be encountered. This is all covered at the pupil’s own pace.

Simon Smith and pupil during driving lesson, covering theory test
Map of local area Simon Smith driving lessons cover

Areas Covered

Simon Smith Driving School offers lessons across the New Forest including Ringwood, Burley, Bransgore and Brockenhurst. In addition to the New Forest area, I also cover Verwood, Fordingbridge and Alderholt..

Preparation for tests at Bournemouth and Salisbury test centres which includes a mock test before the Practical Test to prepare for the big day!

Also serving all local schools and colleges in the New Forest area.

Call us on 07801 469 641 or email today to arrange your booking.

Learning Progression

Driving Lessons

Driving lessons take place in a dual-controlled manual car. They follow the DVSA syllabus and always progress at the pupil’s own pace. Everyone learns at a different rate, the aim is to enable pupils to become safe drivers for life.

Starting with car control, learning progresses through all the driving problems you are likely to encounter, ensuring you are able to manoeuvre the car in reverse and park. Learning to drive assisted by sat-nav is also covered.

In addition new legislation now allows learners to experience motorway driving.

Theory Test

Advice is given on the selection and use of materials to help with Theory Test preparation.

Pupils need to self-study but help is always available. The test can be taken when the pupil feels adequately prepared.

The gov.uk/learn-to-drive-a-car website has some great resources including a practice theory test to help in your preparation.

Practical Test

Having passed the Theory Test it is possible to book a practical test.

The timing of this depends on the pupil’s progress, but the test will only be taken once a safe and competent level of driving has been reached.

Test preparation is now based on the revised driving test which came into force on 4th December 2017, this includes driving on sat-nav and manoeuvres which greater reflect the demands of modern driving.

Show and Tell Questions

On the driving test, candidates will be asked to tell the examiner how to make a basic vehicle check and to show how to operate some ancillary controls while on the move.

These checks and how to operate while driving will be covered in the driving lessons prior to your driving test.

Pass-Plus and Motorway Driving

Having passed the driving test it is strongly advised to take further training. The DVSA administers the Pass-Plus scheme which provides training to add to the driver’s experience. In particular this covers motorway driving. Since 4th June 2018 learner drivers are permitted on motorways with an ADI in a dual controlled car. However further guidance post test is probably desirable.

Any pupil resident in Hampshire can receive an extra 6 hours’ training for £75 (half price) as I am a recognised trainer. The scheme is not examined and having received the certificate, some insurers offer a discount on car insurance.

If Pass-Plus is not for you then motorway driving lessons can still be arranged. Further information can be found at gov.uk/dvsa.

For Expereinced Drivers

Simon Smith offers refresher courses and retraining for experienced drivers returning back to driving after illness, injury or accident.

Courses for experienced drivers are ideal for those wishing to update their skills to deal more confidently with modern driving conditions.

Booking your Driving Lessons

Driving lessons cost £30 per hour but a pre-paid block of 10 hours is discounted to £280. The first hour is free provided that the pupil commits to further tuition. Any pupil who refers another pupil will receive a free hour once the referral has committed to lessons.

Please contact Simon Smith on 07801 469 641 or email hello@simonsmithdrivingschool.com

Don't Take Our Word for It

I would highly recommend Simon. I was a bag of nerves when I started my driving lessons but Simon helped me to find ways to deal with my nerves. He was very very patient with me and always understood when my nerves took over. He also helped my confidence grow.

I didn’t think I could go through with my driving test because I got very anxious but Simon reassured me and I’m pleased to say I passed first time!

Thank you Simon for helping me achieve my goals!


Getting in touch

If you’d like any further information or would like to talk about booking driving lessons please call 07801 469 641 or email hello@simonsmithdrivingschool.com.

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